Fred Genis has printed Lithographs for over 40 years with distinguished artists from three continents of the world. During his career he has worked with over 80 artists.  

Some of these notable artists include;

Willem De Kooning, Robert,Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, John Cage and James Rosenquist from USA in the late sixties, early seventies.

Gerrit Benner, Jacques Liptchitz, Lucebert, Theo Kijpers from Europe mainly the Netherlands in the seventies.

And Bret Whiteley, Tim Storrier, Lloyd Rees, John Olsen, Guan Wei, John Firth Smith from Australia from the eighties until 2006 when he retired.

Lithography requires a unique personal collaboration between artist and printer. Fred Genis describes his part in this highly technical process as being ‘like water’ – quiescent, fluid, unformed, but able at any instant to show, suggest, assist or even withhold (See articles in Bio).

To watch a video describing the process of lithography click here