More than other printmaking techniques, artists using the lithography medium still largely depend on access to a good master printer, and the development of the medium has been greatly influenced by when and where master printers have established their studios. Artists depend heavily on the technical help and expertise of Masters like Fred Genis. Few printers have had the breadth and scope of his experience in several countries and with such a wide variety of artists.

To Genis it is a measure of a printer’s success that the lithographs by different artists all printed by the one man , should look different from one another, “like the artist, not like the printer” for it shows that he has achieved his aim, to interpret exactly what the artist intended.

All the lithographs shown on this website are from Fred Genis’ collection of Printers Proofs.

It is the usual practice for a printer to retain a proof of all editions he or she pulls and this print is designated as a ‘printer’s proof. It is not a trail proof but identical to the edition in every way and it is given and at times dedicated, to the printer by the artist by way of appreciation and acknowledgement. For a printer, they are a record not just a fact, but of discovery, achievement and comradeship.

Fred Genis sold most of his American artist ‘printers proofs’ to the National Gallery of Victoria in 1984, purchased through the Art Foundation of Victoria with the generous assistance of Henry and Dinah Krongold whose names have been given to the collection.


Fred Genis currently holds all the European and Australian Artists’ printers proofs plus many extra editions of their lithographs he has had in stock from his publishing days. He is looking for a buyer to buy the entire collection of these Australian and European printers proofs and is also able to sell individual lithographic works from America, European and Australian artist (see contacts).

Fred Genis always limited his editions. They ranged from 10 to no more than 99.

All prints are in good condition unless otherwise stated. Inscriptions are in pencil unless otherwise stated. Measurements are in centimeter, height before width and refer to image or paper (sheet) size.  Fred uses the highest quality paper; including, Arches, Chatham, Whatman, Fabriano, Italian, BFK Rives, Akawara, JB Green, Johannot, Stonehenge, Papers.